Monday, 14 March 2011

Fondant Icing here I come!

Well, this is it.  The first day of my new blog!  Today I'm attempting to make my own Rolled Fondant, fingers crossed it all works out or I'll have 4 dozen un-iced sugar cookies, and lets face it the icing makes the cookie.
I'm back, and pleasantly surprised at how quick and easy making your own rolled fondant can be.  I've only ever used fondant twice before and both times I used the store bought stuff.  The problem with the store bought fondant is a) it's super pricey and b) it tastes pretty blah.  The icing I just made however, tastes pretty yummy and only cost me about an eighth of the price.  Unfortunately there is a down side, I found my homemade icing to be a bit on the greasy side making it a bit difficult to work with and roll thin.   So my first attempt was good but not great.


  1. The cake pictured is my first ever attempt at working with Fondant (store bought) Pictures of my homemade iced cookies coming up.....stay tuned :P

  2. I love that cake! I also love your sugar cookies :-)

  3. Not only did that cake look amazing, it tasted great too! I can't wait to try your home made fondant.