Monday, 20 June 2011


Karma, it really exists.
a couple of weeks ago when I was up to my eyeballs in Rhubarb I had made a couple of extra Rhubarb bread loaves to give to friends.  Well today my doorbell rang twice and both times it was a friend returning my loaf pan and as you can see the pans are far from empty! It was such a nice surprise!  and it really felt so good  to realize that sometimes you don't even know it but someone is thinking of you.  In case any of you are wondering on the left is a delicious Banana bread (it's current state is half eaten) and on the right are hand picked strawberries so sweet and tasty I can't bear to bake them into a pie or crumble....nope they will be eaten just as is!  The Peonies were also brought by a friend only two days earlier, the same friend who dropped off the strawberries today, aren't I lucky!

What an awesome Monday!