Monday, 20 June 2011

Happy Fathers Day!

Wow!  What a weekend. 
The entire weekend was fun and sun!

 We celebrated T's 2nd Fathers Day, My Dad's 31st Fathers Day, and a friend of H was turning 1!
It took H a while to get used to playing with so many other kids, but once he did he had a blast, there was lots of food and toys and even pools!  H loves the water and was delighted to spend the entire afternoon splashing!

I was so impressed with H on Saturday, He went straight from a Birthday party to Dinner with Nanny and Papa no nap all day!  I think everyone had an awesome time and the three of us had a great weekend.
Staring contest with Papa

oh and for those looking for the baking aspect to this post check out the amazing cake that my friend made for her nephews party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  completely awesome!!! 

She did the whole thing herself....from scratch, and didn't even do a practice run first!  Oh and did I mention she did this while taking care of and entertaining her almost 2 year old daughter!

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