Saturday, 28 May 2011

Oh how I've missed you.

Just recently I've started drinking coffee again.  It's funny,  I didn't even realize that I missed coffee until our recent trip to San Francisco.  In High school I used to drink coffee all the time but then when I met T I just stopped, he didn't drink it, and I wasn't one of those people who was drinking it because I couldn't get through my day without it.  For me it was more of a social thing .... a couple of us would go, get coffee, sit and chat.  It felt awkward if T and I went somewhere and I'd order a coffee and he'd order nothing, with him sitting there across from me with no mug to occupy his space on the table..... I felt like he was waiting for me, like I should rush or we just stopped going.....we found other things that we both liked.  But then I had a baby, and now I am always tired....always!

 I didn't even realize that I missed coffee until  vacationing in San Francisco when she re-appeared into my life.  Unable to sleep, let alone sleep-in (a side effect of having kids it seems)  I would find myself up every morning by 5:30 or 6:00 after a night of tossing and turning and waking up to look at the clock.  I would find myself jealously staring at T and H while they snoozed peacefully (both boys can easily sleep till 9:30 or 10:00 any day of the week)  Anyway, the hotel we were staying at started their breakfast service at 6:00am so I would dress and creep out of the room go downstairs grab a paper and for the first time in years I poured myself a big steaming mug of delicious caffeinated coffee

Well, now there's no going back.....not for me anyway!  I felt great, I felt energized.....ready to take on the day!  It was great while it lasted but coming home meant returning to a coffee free least it did until yesterday!
Last night after coming home from a much needed girls night I was met with this:

T had totally surprised me and he had even set it up and ran the water cycle so as to clean out the filter so it would be all ready to go for me this morning!  and the coolest thing is that it's not even just a coffee maker, it's called the Cuisinart Beverage Machine and it makes a variety of drinks.  So Pardon me as I go brew my first cup I can't wait to try her out.....I'll let you know how it goes, but I'm guessing it will be nothing short of magical lol!


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  2. I was not let down, I no longer have to float through the day in a zombie like state! I am human again!