Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Swing and a Miss

Not written a new post in a while, I've had a lot on my plate but now I'm back!  In early preparation for Easter I decided to try taking a swing at Hot Cross Buns.  Whomp Whomp.......swing and a......miss.  ohhhh so close, they looked great (sorry I forgot to take a picture) the flavour was good, so where did I go wrong?  density.  That's right, what was supposed to be light, cakey, and dinner roll-esque  was heavy and oddly reminiscent of the bread I used to eat while living in Germany.  I can't be certain why but I'm assuming I was a little heavy handed with the flour or perhaps I need to practice using yeast more....who knows?! but a re-do is in order!  And for any of you reading this.....if you happen to have your own fool proof hot cross bun recipe in your repertoire I would really appreciate the share!  thanks!

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