Sunday, 3 April 2011


On Thursday I gleefully ripped the top off my rubbermaid container to see what was in my weekly organic delivery and.........  

my initial reaction I have to admit was WTF?!   Why oh why would they send me unripe carrots?  upon closer inspection of my invoice I see that the carrots in question are labeled as rainbow carrots,  something I have never heard of.   I do know that not all carrots are orange.......but green, really?  Does anyone out there know if these are for real?  or should I be trying to get my money back? lol


  1. Do they give you a new rubbermaid container everytime??!?

  2. Yes, Every week they bring the order in a new rubbermaid bin but I leave the old one on the porch so that they can take it away with them......It's great no waste that way! and if I"m not home to take the food in right away it's protected from the sun or the weather.