Thursday, 21 April 2011

An Old Favorite.....slow cook style

Rouladen is a German (I think) recipe my Husband grew up loving, and it was him that introduced me to it.    It offers a really great comfort food feel that totally fills you up.  I think traditionally (although I might be wrong)  Rouladen is bacon, onions, pickles, and mustard wrapped in a thin cut of beef and then cooked.  I sometimes leave out the bacon but otherwise that pretty much sums it up!  Without ever having tasted it the combination might seem strange, although I suppose if you really stop and think about's pretty much a bread less roast beef sandwich.

Well last week I tried Rouladen in the slow cooker for the first was yummy!  I still chose to brown the meat in a pan first..............for those of you who have used a slow cooker you know that browning the meat first although it doesn't really affect the flavour of the meat at all it does make it look much more appitizing.  once they were all rolled up and I had arranged them into the slow cooker I made a sort of gravy which I then poured over top and then set the cooker on high for 5 hours.  they were well worth the wait let me tell you!
Once the time was up and the rouladen was plated I ladelled a bit of gravy over top and served it with mashed potatoes (potato salad works well too) and sour Kraut for T (I hate the stuff)
Definitely a slow cooker success!!!!!!!!

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