Monday, 4 July 2011

better late than never

For the long weekend T and I decided to take H strawberry picking with his Oma.  Upon arrival we were told we were a little late for the season, whomp whomp.  rather than be too disappointed we decided to try anyway.....H had never been, and we had driven all that way!
H would come to us wanting us to put a few berries in his basket so that he could promptly sit down and eat them!  He did also pick some on his own but when the task got to be to daunting he would toddle up to one of us holding out his basket :-)
He loved eating them out of his own basket!

instead of those big huge wooden baskets they normally give you they gave us two of the little plastic pint containers you see in H's was pitiful, but we were optimistic and picked up another we found discarded on the ground on our way to the strawberry patch.
H had a great time and ate a ton although he didn't seem to have such discerning taste when it came to which berries he would eat.  what berries were left were tiny and most of them had rot spots but my mother in law and I were able combine forces and scrape enough good ones together to fill one little plastic container before deciding it would just be easier to get the rest at the grocery store for any pies or desserts we wanted to make.

(No more pictures please mom.......I just want to eat my berries in peace!)

Just before heading to the car we went to go see some of the animals they had on the farm H found the baby goats and the baby Turkeys the most interesting!  What a nice way to spend a Saturday!

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