Monday, 4 July 2011

Canada Day

For Canada day we decided to drive out to Niagara Falls.........Unfortunatly everyone else in Canada seemed to have the same idea :-)

I won't lie we did have a serious discussion about turning around and going home but rather than abort the mission we decided to stick it out, we did eventually get there and it was crowded but the weather was beautiful, we saw the falls, we ate cotton candy and we walked and walked and walked, because we decided to skip the fireworks the traffic home was a breeze and we ended Canada day the way it should be done with BBQ and family

H says "I'm hungry let's go!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. tell me about it - we were by St. Chatherines doing some winerying and Shadi and Rudy were with Kourush by the falls! Next time we should really coordinate better. The Desjardins are here until July 19th, so hopefully we can all get together soon!